“I’M COMING OUT”… In A Sense


Opening Up

Even though I’ve been writing this Blog for quite a while, I always kept it Anonymous.

I decided to finally “come out” in a sense. I’m getting some pieces published now, so I might as well!

So, Hi. My name is Ruth Kavanagh. My father always called me Ruthie K, so you can call me Ruthie too.

I have been very quiet about this Blog. Even some of my closest friends don’t know about it. It felt more comfortable just being some anonymous brain cancer blogger. I really pour out my heart and soul here.

To open up like this has not been easy. As I’m laying in bed typing this I’m questioning whether I should have remained anonymous. Will everyone judge me? Will friends see me differently? Will I ostracize myself with my raw words?

Yet this is me – the good, the bad, the ugly.

4 thoughts on ““I’M COMING OUT”… In A Sense

  1. Well hi Ruthie!! I did wonder what your name is, but respected your desire for anonymity. I struggled with deciding which you’d be most comfortable with: bcb, Babe, bcBabe, RK. Somehow, none seemed to hit the mark!
    Coincidentally,in my latest article (published next week) Struggling to be yourself, I say ‘Trapped behind a cultivated façade, people become unknowable … ‘
    I feel sure you’ve made the right decision, Ruthie

  2. Hi Ruthie! I share your feelings and concerns and understand it’s hard to come out. It took me a long time to make that decision, and even though some of my friends couldn’t handle it and decided to ghost me, I feel so much better sharing openly. And I’ve since made many supportive friends! Thank you for sharing your feelings.💕

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so open about my story, but my writing is just the “raw” me. I don’t censor myself like I do in some ways outside this virtual bubble, i.e. real life). Where in real life I’d just stay quiet about my feelings to avoid conflict and arguments, here I say it all. So, yeah it’s been a bit scary.
      I’ve been down right told to “die” so I guess ghosting I can handle 🤷🏻‍♀️. Only time will tell!

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