“I’M COMING OUT”… In A Sense

“I’M COMING OUT”… In A Sense

For years, I maintained this Blog without identifying myself. Now that I am getting some pieces published I decided it was time to come out” and admit who I am. Hi. I’m Ruthie K. I’m a 2x brain cancer survivor/thriver. At this point, I’ve undergone 7 brain surgeries in less than 6 years. I struggle every single day with side effects from the cancer and ALL my treatment. I’m also known by my a.k.a. Brain Cancer Babe. It’s nice to meet you.

Sharing Another Writer’s Piece on Self-Sabotage

I Consider Myself Pretty Self-Aware but today I Gained a Whole New Perspective As stated in the Heading, I consider myself pretty self-aware. I write. I journal. I meditate off and on. I see a therapist. When something goes wrong in my life, the first question I ask is: “what did I do to cause [...]

Sharing A Fellow Writer’s View On Hope Who Is Also “Living With Cancer”

A Little Bit About Stage IV Cancer I’ve had the honor and privilege to meet many fierce women who advocate on behalf of those struck by Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. If you’re fortunate enough to not be in or around this wonderful world of cancer, you may not even know about what Stages or [...]