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I’m Proud to Say, “I Made It Onto Another Fantastic Podcast

Brain injury podcast


Making Headway was created by two brain injury survivors in the hope that it would help others in the process of recovery.

In my humble opinion, this podcast is particularly special.

The hosts, Mariah and Eryn, are friends who both suffered brain injuries. While their respective injuries were different ( Mariah-an acute subdural hematoma after what sounds like a horrendous car crash being a pedestrian hit by an SUV; and Eryn-a registered nurse, aspontaneous perimesencephalic subarachnoid hemorrhage” (try saying that 10 times fast!) they found support in one another!

As they state on their site:

You are not alone on your journey.

Brain injury Podcast
I believe Mariah actually says during my episode, “Preach, Sister”

MAKING HEADWAY PODCAST: “A podcast for brain injury survivors made by brain injury survivors

As they state on their site, this is:

A podcast for brain injury survivors made by brain injury survivors

Admittedly, I haven’t researched this, but I don’t imagine there are tons of podcasts for the brain injury community, created and hosted by two women who personally know just how horrific a brain injury can be…

No matter the diagnosis, any damage to your brain is one of the greatest challenges you can face.

You can’t live without a brain

I don’t diminish anyone’s struggle or challenges in life, but you can lose a limb, and still walk better than me! Literally.

You can live without a leg. Hell, my friend taught me you can even live without a stomach!

Yet, once you lose the power of your brain, well you may be kept alive on life support, but you’re not living life.

Brief Anecdote

I went from a practicing litigation attorney in Manhattan to a person who cannot even work at all!

I obtained scholarships to undergrad and law school. I passed two state bar exams. I was a law clerk for a New Jersey judge. Then, I moved on to be a litigator in both New Jersey and New York.

However, while in the hospital after my first brain surgery, one of my neurological tests was to draw a clock. I drew a circle and the number 12. That’s as far as I got!

I knew I was missing numbers. Yet, I could not figure out anything beyond that No. 12, which I drew.

Losing the most basic cognitive skills

I crawled back into my hospital bed and cried. The therapist assured me my cognitive function would return.

However, what if it didn’t?

Thankfully, my cognitive function is as good as it is considering all my lil brain has been through. Yet, numbers remain a problem. It’s one particular thing that will likely always remain an issue. Oh well.


( By the way, Oh, what a difference to saying my first surgery and now having undergone nine surgeries)


You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, and beyond!

They host a new episode every week, featuring “other brain injury survivors, medical practitioners, and folks who have wisdom to share about coping with recovery, mental health, physical needs, and so much more!”

You can contact the hosts through this link;

They’re on Instagram; @makingheadwaypodcast

And Twitter @makingheadwaypo


It was incredible speaking with these two #bossbabes

I find such intense strength and resilience from people who have “turned our pain into purpose.”

Brain injury podcast
Turn your wounds into wings”

I’m honored Mariah and Eryn found inspiration from my story.

From Making Headway Podcast


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