Another Super Bowl Sunday…

Super Bowl Sunday and What It Used To Mean To Me

Amongst Some Other Stories Just For Fun

Typically, my birthday falls on or around Super Bowl.

Before I got sick, I usually went to my family’s place in St. Maarten to celebrate. Thus, I’d go to the famous beach bar near the airport because they always played the game on a huge projection screen.

I wouldn’t usually watch sports while away, but it tended to be a great night on the island.

Of course, back when the Giants were on top and we had Eli (I will forever ❤️ Eli Manning) it was always good to be out in our home-base area too. People celebrating in the streets while maintaining order (sorry, Eagles fans, but you do NOT “celebrate” by burning things and the well- known guy who allowed himself to be videotaped eating horse s—t off the street!) Moving on…

The last time I watched the Super Bowl down in St. Maarten was in February 2014 with my girlfriends and my hubby.

Yes, one man and five strong-willed, opinionated women.

Bless him.

Fun in the Sun & Everywhere Else We Went!

Back in 2014, if you follow my story, you know I was diagnosed in April that year with my 1st bout of brain cancer.

Then, we were 33-34 years-old and complained about “how old we were” and “how we couldn’t party like we used to”.

Ha ha! Oh, what I would give to be that naive again!

We Could and Did Party With the Best of Them

Yes, we used to party like rockstars. In fact, we had some nights in NYC and South Beach, in particular, where we did party with some celebrities. I won’t “name names” but some were definitely pretty famous. And some much more than others.

Just A Few of Our Trips

We’ve had girls’ trips to “Hotlanta”; Turks & Caicos; other areas of Florida; and, Nashville. I have wonderful, hilarious memories I will forever hold dear from each and every one of them!

A crew of us spent one New Year’s Eve in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Yes, Canada is another country and Yes, you must advise your bank you’ll be out of the country in order to use your ATM card. (Inside joke).

What a fantastic trip!

Funny enough, I spent New Year’s Day shredding it on the mountain while everyone else nursed their hangovers! 🤣

Then we got a bit older. One friend was married in Key Largo #ohletsgo and another in New Orleans. While I was one of the few sober people at both, it was an honor to be involved in their ceremonies. ❤️ #friendswhobecomefamily

Back “home” in Ireland

Of course, we were married in Ireland 🇮🇪 While many friends could not make the trip, those who did had a blast!

In particular, one of my friends is still dating one of hubby’s cousins! #destiny

So many of our family is back “home”. In fact, I only have one cousin in the States plus my parents.

Unbelievably, my husband has over 50 1st cousins so we sadly had to cut down his list. I so wish everyone could have been there. We just didn’t have the money.

Yet, many who came told us it was the best wedding they’d ever been to! 😊

The “Super Bowl” of Ireland

The “Super Bowl” equivalent in Ireland is the GAA Irish football and/or hurling finals.

Americans don’t know much about hurling. You can learn via wondrous Wikipedia but really you’ve got to watch it to appreciate it!

Here’s a short YouTube clip on hurling, “the fastest game in the world”

FYI: If you’re ever in a dark alley and someone’s got a “hurley” also known as a hurling stick, you best run for your feckin life!

An old Hurley

It just so happened that the night before our wedding Galway played in the hurling final in Dublin. My husband’s maternal side is from Galway. Our wedding was held a good 3-hour drive from the City.

I’ll say, “there were some sore heads” making their way from Dublin to our wedding that morning!

My 2014 Super Bowl Trip to SXM (St. Maarten)

Going back to my birthday/Super Bowl trip in 2014, just 2 months before my world was never the same again… To protect the identity of my friends I’ve blurred out their faces. We sat on the beach. Soaked up the sun. Drank cocktails. And just enjoyed life!

None of us knew what would hit us on April 6, 2014 when I suffered that grand mal seizure only to be told in the ER there was a lesion on my brain.

Even though my body was telling me, “Something isn’t right” I totally ignored the signs, as I discussed in this Post:

St  Maarten
My Happy Place!

Days Gone By – Our Jersey Shore

Of course, besides birthdays, girls’ trips and special events, I cannot complete this Post without mentioning our amazing nights down at the Shore every summer. (FYI. The trash depicted on the show “The Jersey Shore” is not our Shore!)

My Jersey Shore is an area around the towns of Sea Girt, Spring Lake and Manasquan. It’s beautiful!

If you’ve got a few million $$$ you could buy a house there. Feel free to invite me 😉

These days

Don’t get me wrong. I thank God for all those great times. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss them though.

Yes, the pandemic is, or at least should keep everyone home and not in a jam-packed bar.

However, sitting in our new mountain house watching the Super Bowl, I began to grieve all those carefree nights. I miss my friends. God, do I miss having a few drinks. I miss walking, and dancing the night away.

I’m on my second month of chemo now and boy, did I start feeling it this past week, especially yesterday!

I love The Weekend and thought he did a fantastic job. However, the masks/tape his dancers wore reminded me much too much of a brain tumor radiation mask. I was already feeling nauseous. Those sent me over-the-edge!

FYI. I know people were questioning this costume choice, but I appreciate what he said about the idea:

I didn’t need to see Tom Brady win another Super Bowl. So, I laid down in bed feeling sick, fatigued and sad.

Closing Note:

We’re all human. Everyone has good and bad days. It’s okay to take off the Superman or Superwoman cape for a little bit. Unless it’s harmful or you’re depressed for an extended period of time, then seeking professional mental health is a must!

I don’t provide medical advice, nor am I a medical professional.

However, we must take care of another. And this is one issue that I always bring up, even if you’re not dealing with cancer or a chronic illness!

It’s okay to not be okay

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